THIS IS WRITTEN ABOUT MY HALL (partially). I’m staying in a hall that is right under this giant glowing tower called the BT tower (I’ll post pictures later) and it’s where the members of Coldplay lived when they were at UCL. (Yeah, they went here, be jealous.) The tower is ginormous and sticks out above all of the other buildings, making it very easy to spot. I’m never worried about getting lost because whenever I’m not sure where I’m going I can just look for the tower and walk towards it. WELL. Apparently, I’m not the only one who uses the tower as a homing device. The line “lights will guide you home” was inspired by Chris Martin doing the same thing!!! According to the ever accurate Wikipedia: “While studying at University College London the band lived in Ramsay Hall, reminiscing on the experience they said that the lyric “lights will guide you home” comes from living next to the BT Tower, a notable landmark in London which they’d follow coming back from nights out.”

This makes me so happy 🙂


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